Australian history

Johnson Suisse’s Australian story began more than 20 years ago with the introduction of a carefully curated range of selected basins and toilet suites into the local market. This expansion represented an important milestone in the evolution of the company from a single factory in Malaysia in 1964, to boasting one of the largest and most modern ceramic sanitary ware factories in the Asia Pacific region.

With extremely strong experience in the sector, Johnson Suisse specialises in vitreous china toilets and basins, accessories, tapware, showers, baths and vanity units, as well as a wide range of commercial and other bathroom products. The company constantly strives to set high standards for itself and is committed to maintain its position as an industry leader to take it to the next level of excellence.

With offices and distribution warehouses located in Sydney (HO), Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Dubbo, and sales offices in Adelaide and Hobart, Johnson Suisse services all Australian states.

Johnson Suisse services all segments of the Australian market from residential and commercial construction to DIY and home renovations through a wide network of specialty outlets including independent Plumbing and Bathroom Stores.

The company provides full installation advice, technical backup, spare parts and warranty support nationally. Johnson Suisse is supported by its own factories, it is the premier manufacturer servicing the bathroom segment in the Australian market.